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CD_JEP-24244-2003" EU Standards in Teaching
International Tourism Economics" (EU_STITE)
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Project outcomes and activities

•  EU based Teaching Standard for Bachelor, Specialist and Master in International Tourism Economics (ITE) is developed

1.1. Setting up a Development Group

1.2. Monitoring of the local situation

1.3. Development of the EU-based Teaching Standard and preparation of the Explanatory Note

1.4. Round-table in Kyiv

•  Curriculum and Courses for Master Programme in International Tourism Economics are developed and a set of teaching materials is developed

2.1. Setting up the Curriculum Team

2.2. Development of Curriculum “International Tourism Economics” for Master level

2.3. Curriculum Development workshop

2.4. Accreditation of the Curriculum

2.5. Courses' development

2.6. Workshop on the Course development workshop in Kyiv

2.7. Elaboration of a set of teaching and learning materials for International Tourism Economics

•  Academic staff involved in International Tourism Master Program is retrained and teaching facilities are upgraded

3.1. Selection of academic staff

3.2. Language training of the 24 selected teachers

3.3. Training of 24 selected teachers abroad

3.4. Teachers' summer schools

3.5. Upgrading of teachers facilities

3.6. Creation of the Resource Centres

3.7. World Tourism Organisation Antenna in Ukraine

•  Newly developed Master program in International Tourism Economics is introduced

4.1. Establishment of university subordinated educational structures for teaching Masters in International Tourism Economics

4.2. Admission of International Tourism Economics Master Program entrants

4.3. Teaching of students of International Tourism Economics Master program in Ukraine

4.4. Creation and running of the Students International Tourism Agency (SITA)

4.5. Students' training abroad

4.6. Students' practical placement at Ukrainian tourism companies

4.7. Master theses preparation and defence

•  Dissemination and Sustainability

5.1. Project public events

5.2. Project visibility in Internet

5.3. Participation in the annual meeting of Ukrainian Association of HEIs of Tourist and Hospitality Profile

5.4. Participation in international, national and regional Tourism Fairs and exhibitions in Ukraine

5.5. Cooperation with World Tourist Organisation

5.6. Cooperation Agreements between project consortium members

•  Quality Control and Monitoring

•  Management of the Project

7.1. Creation of the Project Management Board (PMB)

7.2. First meeting of the Project Management Board in Kyiv

7.3. Second PMB meeting in Kastoria

7.4. Third PMB meeting in Barcelona

7.5. Fourth PMB meeting in Zhytomyr

7.6. Fifth PMB meeting in Ternopil

7.7. Sixth PMB meeting in Kyiv

7.8. Final PMB meeting in Kastoria

7.9. Project administration

7.10. Purchase and installation of office equipment