The Aim of the Project

Creation the Postgraduate Center of Ecological Education attached to Zhitomir Institute of Engineering and Technology (ZIET).

Project Objectives:

1. To create the conditions for training the school teachers of physics, chemistry and biology to earn Master's degree in the field of Environmental Sciences in relation to the implication of radiation in health care. Retrained teachers will disseminate knowledge about radiation influence on the people health.
2. To create the conditions for training the engineers to earn Master's degree in the field of Clinical Engineering. Retrained engineers will be able to use and repair the complex medical equipment, particularly, for diagnosis and curing the people who have suffered from radioactive contamination, for example, in consequence of Chernobyl accident.
In order to attain these objectives it is necessary:
- to work out the curriculum and educational course programs (syllabus) for the Master's degree training;
- to improve the lecturers qualification of the teaching staff of Zhitomir Postgraduate Centre in universities-partners;
- to create the educational manuals and materials such as multimedia computer programs, audio and video records, etc.;
- to work out the distance education methods for training and retraining in environmental sciences;
- to disseminate the results of project for other Universities in Ukraine.

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