Environmental Sciences in Relation to the Implication of Radiation Exposure in Health Care

The University of Parma (Italy, Parma)
Chief co-ordinator:
Prof. Enzo Molina

The Participants of the Project
(Universities' Consortium)

1. Zhitomir Institute of Engineering and Technology (ZIET),
Ukraine, Zhitomir
Co-ordinator - Prof. Borys Samotokin.

2. The University of Parma, Environmental Sciences Department,
Italy, Parma
Co-ordinator - Prof. Nelson Marmiroli.

3. The University of Gent, The Centre of Radiation Control,
Belgium, Gent
Co-ordinator - Prof. Hubert Thirens.

4. The University of Applied Sciences,
Germany, Mittweida
Co-ordinator - Prof. Wolfgang Schueler.

 Last updated 29 Feb 2000