The results of Performed work for the first period of the project (1999):

1. Meetings of co-ordinators were organized to co-ordinate the work - two meetings : in March at Parma (Italy) and in June 1999 in Mittweida (Germany).

2. The preliminary version of curriculum for training and retraining in both fields has been worked out.
- Environmental Sciences    Courses Chart
- Clinical Engineering
3. The visit of 4 lecturers from ZIET to Parma University in May 1999 to work out and to discuss the curriculum for environmental sciences.
- the preliminary version of curriculum for training and retraining in environmental science had been discussed and confirmed;
- the selection of modern textbooks published in advanced west countries had been done; 3 textbooks were bought (the cost is about USA $300 ), the photocopies of study material for all courses of curriculum had been done (general amount of photocopy is about 2000 sheets);
- information about co-operation between Ukrainian and Italian scientists is stored on Web-sites, that are developed by Italian and Ukrainian colleagues:
4. The team of lecture-visitors to Parma University had been formed and the preliminaries connected with the visit in September 1999 were held:
- The intensive course of English with final test was given to visitors;
- The lectures (by Ukrainian or Russian) were worked out and delivered according to the curriculum confirmed in May 1999 at the Parma University;
- the preparation for the first release of multilingual terminological glossary on radioecology.
5. The visit of lecturers group of ZIET to the Parma University in September 1999 in order to have the courses of study according to the curriculum for environmental sciences.

6. The elaboration of the educational manuals on environmental sciences has been started. The manuals will be published both in Ukrainian and English languages.

7. The preparation for creation the multi-media computer programs, audio and video records, etc. and distance education methods has been started.

8. The tender for delivery the medical equipment for training in the field of clinical engineering was offered.

9. The current project work is elucidated in mass-media (e.g., "Gazzetta di Parma" (Italy), 1/10/1999, page 7; newspaper "Orientir 6+1" (Ukraine, Zhitomir), 26 (442), 1/07/1999).

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