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CD_JEP-23250-2002 "Master of Business
Administration & Imformation Technologies" (MBA&IT)

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Project description

Wider Objective:
Perfection of higher education system of Ukraine on the basis of EU countries Universities' experience and know-how.

Specific Objective:
Elaboration of MBA program with concentration in Information Technology, corresponding to European standards, and its introduction into Ukrainian higher educational institutions from 2005/2006 Academic year

Type of Joint European Project - Curriculum Development
Project duration - 3 years

Background of the Project
In 1991 after the breakdown of the Soviet Union Ukraine became independent. The liquidation of command-administrative system and gradual transition to the market economy has led to the long lasting crisis of economy. The volume of industrial production of Ukraine decreased for 50,9% in comparison with 1990. Starting from 1991, the Gross National Product has been constantly decreasing, as well as the level of living of population (average salary at present time is about ˆ 50 per month). And though presently a certain stability of economical indexes and even their growth was reached, for overcoming the consequences of economical crisis (mass unemployment, poverty of population and so on) the years and efforts of all population of Ukraine are necessary.
The main compounds of the crisis in Ukraine are:
1. The crisis of administrative system caused by the absence of highly trained administrative personnel at all levels. This factor is particularly painful for the state enterprises because of the absence of managers familiar with up-to-date methods and technologies of management.
2. Economical crisis caused by the decrease of production which was directed towards military production, the severance of ties among NIS countries that previously were the members of former Soviet Union, budgetary deficit, slowing-up of the development of SME's, continuous expenses for liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident and expenses for maintenance of unprofitable industrial sector of coal extraction.
3. Crisis of energy sector caused by the use of outdated equipment and technologies in industry and agriculture, and non-economical consumption of energy resources in all spheres of management.
One of the main problems of Ukraine is the absence of professional managers able to work in variable and non-standard conditions of market economy. The main positions in governmental and local administrative structures, as well as ones in the state enterprises, are still occupied by personnel trained in conditions of so-called "planned" economy. At that time everything was assigned from the top administrators - what to do and how to do, and any initiative was not encouraged and even sometimes punished.
That's why one of the main tasks of Ukrainian schools of higher education is training new generation of highly qualified economists and managers, other specialists closely familiar with the most up-to-date business technologies of XXI "informatics" century.
In all countries of EU the scientific degree (qualification) Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most widespread. MBA degree is the opportunity of career development, guarantee of job placement at prestige positions at state service and at private companies. The trend of introducing such program as Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Information Technology is traced through the last decades. The programs of the Theseus International Management Institute, Institut National des Telecommunications of Evry, Bordeaux School of Management - France, Henly Management College - UK and many others can serve as an example. Such programs of MBA are aimed at High Technology Management and Entrepreneurship. As Prof. Francis Bidault, Dean of the MBA program of the Theseus International Management Institute says: "Our International MBA program focuses on the synergy between information technology and management. We prepare enterprising individuals to be successful leaders in the New Economy".
Unfortunately the qualification of MBA didn't get wide spreading in Ukraine. Some of higher educational institutions (mostly private) teach the specialists of this profile within the specialty "Management of Organizations". But the significant drawback of Ukrainian higher educational institutions' alumni at this and other specialties of such training directions, as "Management", "Economics and Entrepreneurship" is that they are shortly familiar with modern information and communication technologies and are not able to fluently use foreign languages, including languages of the European Community.
Considering that Ukraine has done its' European choice and stated about unwavering purpose of integrity into the EU, the Higher School of Ukraine is faced with urgent task to reform and to train specialist within the EU standards, those who are able to work in the united European economic space. As a result of above mentioned, the main goal of the project is training the professionals in the field of business administration with deep knowledge in information, communicative technologies and EU languages (especially English).
Progressive economic thought supported by modern computer-based information technologies will help to increase effectiveness, promote competitiveness and achieve growth of Ukrainian economy.
The Coordinator of the Project is Zhytomyr State Technological University. It is one of those state higher educational institutions, which are dynamically developing, inheriting the best traditions and achievements of the oldest Ukrainian higher educational institution the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". From 1960 till 1994 ZSTU was its branch. Over 5 thousand students in 13 specialties of engineering, economical and management profiles study at the Institute's four faculties, among them "Computer Informational Technologies" and "Economics and Management". Institute graduates students at Bachelor, Specialist (Engineer, Economist, Manager) and Master levels. In ZSTU there are 23 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, more than 100 Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors. In 1998 - 2002 ZSTU was a beneficiary institution of the Joint European Project JEP - 10435-98 "Environmental Sciences in Relation to the Implication of Radiation Exposure in Healthcare" under the EU Tempus Tacis Program. All the Ukrainian partner Universities (in Donetsk, Kyiv, Zaporizhya) take the leading place in region ratings. The Donetsk State Academy of Management was founded in 1992. It is a leading center for training and retraining of management personal in Donbas region, the highly industrial developed part of Ukraine. The EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY was established in 1991, and is one of the first private and one of the biggest private universities with 24 branches and 24 000 students in all regions of Ukraine. Zaporizhya State University was founded in 1930. About 8500 students in 31 specialties study now at 14 faculties of the University. EU partner Universities have a great experience in different fields of Economical and Management Education as well as in distance learning and participation in Tempus Tacis Projects.
University of Stuttgart, the contractor of the project has a great experience in training MBA.
INT (Evry) is a European leader in development and implementation of information and computer educational technologies and creation of distance education systems. It has a unique INT Management Program, curriculum of which combines an advanced education in Management and thorough education in information and education technologies. University of Sunderland is a very experienced not only in International Tempus projects but also in training of specialists of MBA via distance education system.
Universidad de Politechnica de Catalunya is a leading one in Spain and EU in training MBA.
Higher school of Management in Legnica (Poland) was founded in 1997. The main specialities are: Management and Marketing, Information and Computer Techniques, Economics. It is the biggest higher education institution in the region with more than 2100 students.

Methodology proposed
It is planned to create MBA&IT Program on the basis of existent in Evry (France) INT Management Program.
The proposed to elaborate within the Project concept of training MBA has wide range of peculiarities. It is planned:
1.To include into the curriculum of MBA training in addition to the classic topics such as "Finance", "Human Resource Management", "Personal Development Skills", and others list of selective courses such as "Business Data Analysis", "High-Tech Marketing and Advertisement", "E-commerce", "Management Information Systems", "Banking Information Systems", "Enterprise Information Systems", "Logistics", "Accounting Information Systems". Every single student studying according to this program will have to choose two or three courses from this list, to do practical work at company or at organization, those which use information and communications technologies, and to dedicate his qualification work to theoretic development and practical usage of one of these fields of study.
2. To organize for students of MBA program intensive course of studying English and second European language and teaching of some disciplines in English.
3.To create author's groups including professors and lecturers of Ukrainian and European Universities, able to prepare manuals on Information Technologies in Ukrainian and English languages, to publish those manuals in both traditional paper and electronic variants.
4.To create the Academic Network of Participants - Universities (Ukrainian and European), to include into this network The Higher School of Management from Legnica, Poland (its membership fee is not from the Project funding).
5. To elaborate organizational structure, methods and technology of distance education within this MBA program. Realization of distance education will force students to practically assimilate information and computer-based technologies of studying. Thus the Information Technology is not only the objective of studying but also the technology of training within the Project.
6.To elaborate ranges of networking business games within the Academic Network, for example on the course "E-commerce", training students of international teamwork, organize work of international virtual club of teachers and students.
7.To attract leading professors and lecturers of European partner Universities in teaching at Ukrainian Universities, as well through the videoconferences (videotapes) of their lectures and through other types of classes.
8.To create opportunity for students willing to write and defend their qualification works in English.
The proposed program of MBA&IT is interdisciplinary and developed first of all for the people that have outlines in business and career. Such people need further career development, quality education in business administration. Training on the Program of MBA&IT will be available in four universities, which are located in different regions of Ukraine. Studying will be conducted using both traditional teaching technologies (full-time and by corresponding) and by technology of distance learning. It makes a good opportunity for working specialists to improve the qualification not being away from business. Legnica Higher School of Management (Poland) takes part in the Project on the basis of self-financing. Elaboration and introduction of new MBA program is the stage of all Ukrainian higher educational institutions development, which belong to Consortium. It is considered in the strategic plans of development of these universities. Even now these higher educational institutions have the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and are teaching Bachelors, Specialists (Managers, Economists) and Masters in the directions "Management" and "Economics and Entrepreneurship", "Computer Sciences".

As follows from the project background one of urgent goals of Ukrainian Universities is training of MBA&IT on the basis of EU Universities' experience and know how. So the specific objective of the
Project aims elaboration of MBA program with concentration on information technology, corresponding to the European standards, and its introduction into Ukrainian higher education institutions from 2005/2006 Academic year. The first part of the project specific objective - elaboration of MBA&IT program - will be achieved mainly in the first project year via realization of the Outcome 1 "MBA&IT curriculum and syllabi of courses are developed". Outcomes 2, 3 and 4 create in Ukrainian and Polish Universities all necessary conditions for postgraduate students training on the Program of MBA&IT. Realization of Outcome 2 "Ukrainian and Polish academic staff for teaching of MBA&IT and technical staff for hardware and software support of distance education are trained" will acquaint the academic staff with methodic of teaching and course content of MBA, using distance learning technology; technical staff will receive knowledge about equipment and software of distance education system and peculiarities of its exploitation. To extent the number of specialists that are acquainted with advanced European experience it is planned to organize three specialized two-weeks schools in Ukrainian Universities in January, July 2005 and July 2006 leading by professors from EU partner Universities. Outcome 3 "Textbooks and other teaching materials of MBA&IT courses are developed and published" will provide development and publishing of handbooks and other teaching materials in traditional paper form as well as in electronic versions. Outcome 4 "Academic Network for MBA&IT training is created" will provide the creation of technical base of MBA training via Distance Education technology, preparation and installation of necessary software, creation of some business games and virtual club of teachers and students, development of an electronic library.
Outcome 5 "MBA&IT in Ukrainian and Polish Universities are graduated" realizes the second part of the specific objective "introduction of MBA&IT Program into Ukrainian Higher Educational Institution from 2005-2006 academic year". Pilot studying of postgraduate students under the MBA&IT Program contains the theoretical study, probation, preparation of Master thesis and its defense. It is planned to organize one-month probation of postgraduate students in laboratories, departments and firms of EU partner Universities. After project completion it is supposed that probation of Ukrainian and Polish students will be held either in EU countries or on the basis of bilateral students exchange between Ukrainian and Polish Universities. Master thesis defense will be done at the State Commissions with representatives of EU and Polish Universities in Ukrainian Universities and Ukrainian representatives in Polish University.
Zhytomyr Institute of Engineering and Technology and Higher School of Management from Legnica have a bilateral agreement and participation of Polish University in the Project increases its sustainability.