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CD_JEP-23250-2002 "Master of Business
Administration & Imformation Technologies" (MBA&IT)

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August, 2006 Final coordination meeting in Stuttgart , Germany . Preparing of the final report.

August, 2006 Preparing and signing the agreement with Institute National des Telecommunications, Evry , France .

July 2006 Equipment is installed in the premises of the Ukrainian Universities.

July, 2006 Specialized schools in Ukrainian partner Universities: School on Business Games in Network Environment (lecturers from EU partner Universities: Germany , Spain , France ) held in Zaporizhzhya ( Ukraine ). Topics of lectures for Summer School in Zaporizhya: Pierre Vincent “Information system technologies in management”; Prof. Ulli Arnold “Marketing research”, Dr. Henning Baars “Business games in management information systems”; Prof. Anna Solans “Marketing”. See the tentative program of the Summer School.


July, 2006 Publishing of traditional (paper) textbooks and development of electronic versions of teaching materials.

See the books: Analysis of Economical Databases; Information technologies in accounting
and auditing
; Collection of Material for the courses: Information systems in management, Information systems in Business

July, 2006 Development of an electronic library for MBA&IT training

June, 2006 Defense of the Master thesis of the students

June , 2006 Quality control and monitoring of students training by the advisers via video-conferencing. The videoconferences were replaced with audioconferences and chat sessions. The lines of the Universities appeared to be not very good and heavy traffic gave bad quality of the conference.

June, 2006 Final conference in Zhytomyr was devoted to supping up the activities of the last period. Materials of the final conference. Proceedings of the conference.

April, 2006 Students are having the probation. Feedback forms of the students concerning the course

March, 2006 Additional coordination meeting ( see the report ).

February, 2006 School on Information Technologies in Management and Business (lecturers from EU partner Universities) will be held in Zhytomyr ( Ukraine ). Topics of lectures for Winter School in Zhytomyr: Prof. Anna Solans: Fundamentals of Marketing. Introduction to marketing. The Marketing Plan. Situation Analysis. Market investigation. Market segmentation, targeting and positioning of marketing. The buying process and consumer behaviour. Marketing-mix: The 4P's. Product policy. Pricing. Place – distribution policy. Promotion policy. Basic Finance for Marketers. The participants are certified.

October, 2005 Coordination meeting in Sunderland . Report on the coordination meeting .

September, 2005 Studying of the postgraduate students. The list of subjects of the master thesis is approved by EU partners.

September, 2005 Start of virtual club functioning .

July, 2005 School on Project Management in ICT (lecturer from Evry , France ) and Industrial goods marketing and supply management (lecturer from Stuttgart ( Germany ) and lecturer from Sunderland (UK)) was held in Donetsk ( Ukraine ). Topics of lectures for Summer School in Donetsk : Prof. U.Arnold ( Stuttgart University ) –“‘Marketing of Industrial Goods”; D. Budinscak ( Stuttgart University ) – “Strategic International Marketing”
Prof. C.Marshall ( University of Sunderland ) - “Human Resource Management”; Prof. P.Vincent (National Institution of Telecommunication de Evry) – Communication, Software, Applications. The participants are certified.

June, 2005 Students' matriculation. Entering exams are passed. See the application form specimen.

June, 2005 Reports from controlling panels to coordinator and contractor. Cross-University control performed regularly and on time. Some additional control visits were implemented during the coordination meetings and other project activities. See the criterias for the control.

May, 2005 Creation of some networking business games and virtual club of teachers and students. Installing the necessary software at Ukrainian and Polish partner Universities

February, 2005 Specialized schools in Ukrainian partner Universities: School on Business Administration (lecturer from Barcelona , Spain ) and E-commerce (lecturer from Sunderland , UK ) held in Kyiv ( Ukraine ) is performed. The personnel is certified. Topics of lectures for Winter School in Kyiv: Strategic Capability; Globalisation; The Cultural Debate and Strategy; Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions; Value Management; Corporate Governance and Ethics; Systems Thinking; Knowledge Management; Strategic IT and E-Business; Entrepreneurial Environment. Round tables on Corporate Governance and Ethics; E-Business and Entrepreneurial Environment.

February, 2005 Forming of the authors groups for traditional (paper) textbooks development.

Coordination meeting of Consortium members in Evry, February 2-6, 2005. Please see the report.

The External monitoring of the project performed during the Winter School in Kyiv by External Expert Sergiy Chernyshenko, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Dnepropetrovsk National University.

Winter School in European University, Kyiv. Winter school is implemented in frames of Tempus Joint European Project “Master of Business Administration” & Information Technology Lecturers: •  Prof. Angelique du Toit, University of Sunderland lecturing “GLOBAL CORPORATE STRATEGY” and Prof.  Roma Puiggermanal,Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, lecturing on “ENTREPRENEURIAL ENVIRONEMENT”. Please see the schedule of the Winter School.

Coordination meeting of Consortium members in Barcelona, October 20-25, 2004. Please see the report of the coordination meeting.

Mobility to EU Universities for training of academic and technical personnel of Ukrainian Universities. Mobility to be held in October 4-18, 2004

National Presentation in Kyiv European University took place in June 21-22, 2004. Programm of the Presentation.

Working group meeting took place in Donetsk the 16-18th of March, 2004. Please, see the report of the meeting. Working version of the curriculum has been formed.

The 20th of January 2004 the contact person in Sunderland University has been changed. New contact person at the University of Sunderland is Mr. Christopher Marshall.

15-22 of December 2003 project participants from Donetsk State Academy of Management and Legnica Higher School of Management visited Stuttgart University.

5-14 of December 2003 project participants from Zaporizhya State University visited Barcelona, Universitat Politecnica de Cataluniya.

23-30 of November 2003 project participants from ZSTU visited EVRY Institut National des Telecommunications.

13-16 of November 2003 Coordination meeting in Kyiv, Zhytomyr. Analysis of the start-up actions. Preparing to the first progress report. Read more about reporting.

14 of October 2003 - call for proposal on equipment purchasing.

9-12 of October 2003 visit of Prof. Samotokin, project coordinator to Stuttgart University for the coordination purposes.

The 26 of September 2003 Meeting of Ukrainian partners and Poland partner in Kyiv. Discussion of the main milestones of the project. Clarifying the responsibilities in the project.

1st of September 2003 Tempus CD_JEP 23250-2002 "Master of Business Administration & Information Technologies" (MBS&IT) started. Read more about the project.