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CD_JEP-23250-2002 "Master of Business
Administration & Imformation Technologies" (MBA&IT)

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Reporting issues

The first half of September 2003 - start-up action of the project. All the Ukrainan partner universities must make an order to organize the local coordination groups.

As preparatory activities there was implemented e-mail correspondence between the partner universities on the point of the information exchange concerning the forthcoming project activities, events and meetings. Project coordination members were gathering the necessary information for the project, prepared the correspondent orders for creation of the local coordination groups and panels for institutional evaluation of the project activities implementation.

The meeting of the coordinator and contractor of the project took place in Stuttgart in October 9-12, 2003 to clear the situation with project financing and to specify the activities for the current period and for the next project year. The meeting of the Ukrainian partner Universities in Kiev, October 24, 2003 to outline the concept for curriculum and syllabi analysis. The money transfer made to the consortium members to implement the activities planned. Project partners prepared the documents for the project registering in Ukraine to avoid the VAT and customs problems. The project participants from the correspondent departments have taken the project information and contact addresses for the correspondence before the visits.

1.1 Report of the coordination meeting with the list of members of the working group. Working group comprise the academic and administrative staff, working at the departments of Management, Information Technologies. The list of the working group members is given in Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 pp. 78-79.


1.2 Meeting of the working group member in Kyiv and Zhyomyr, report on the meeting. Mobility of 9 working group members from Ukrainian and Poland partner universities to EU Universities. Draft versions of the analytical report prepared by the middle of February 2004. Working group comprised the academic and administrative staff, working at the department of Management, Information Technologies. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp 79-80


1.3 Two three-side contracts for the equipment purchasing have been signed. Documents on equipment installation are prepared. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp. 81-84.

1.4 Report of the working group, prepared curriculum is published on the web-site and in the materials of the national presentation. Curriculum developed is approved by the consortium members and proposed for the approval for the Universities Councils. Legally approved curriculums are stored in the respective departments of the UKR Universities. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp. 84-88

1.5 Report of the Academic Councils (Senats) of Ukrainian and Poland partner Universities. Revision of the plans gave some comments on the plan change, but the changes are not very significant and mostly concerns the questions of adaptation to the Ukrainian High Education System.

1.6 Syllabi of new courses (9 courses) and of the other 5 courses are modified. Publication of the curriculum and syllabi on the web-site of the project, in the materials of the national presentation of the MBA program in Kyiv, European University. Publication of the materials for Presentation. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp. 88-90 and further up to pp. 160. It has been also published in materials for the National presentation which took place in Kyiv in June 21-24, 2004.

2.1 Full-up seminar with participants of the training courses to check the outcomes of English training courses. 35 project participants of the forthcoming mobility were trained. Academic staff selected mostly has PhD degree. Technical personnel selected is experienced in the field of Networking and Communication. Level of knowledge for both groups is sufficient for implementation of the mobility. Besides this, the core of the group consists of people having experience in international cooperation.

2.2 Report on training of academic staff of Ukrainian and Polish Universities at EU partner Universities. Time schedule of the courses listened. Certification of the trained personnel in partner Universities. Amount of persons trained: 23 persons. The personnel is certified on training at EU partner Universities. See the supporting documents in Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002, pp. 163-167.

2.3 Report on training of technical staff of Ukrainian and Polish partner Universities involved in hardware and software support of distance education. Certification of the trained specialists in partner Universities (11 persons). The personnel is certified on training at EU partner Universities. See attached specimens of certificates on training staff enclosed, the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp. 168.

2.4 Leaflets are sent, school programs is distributed among school participants. Reports on specialized schools holding are prepared, certificates of the specialists trained during the winter school are issued. Texts of the leaflet included the program of the summer and winter schools. The tentative programs are given in the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002, Pp. 168-175.

3.1 List of the groups of authors with the list of teaching material they develop. The group of authors comprised the trained personnel and teaching staff participated in the mobilities. Groups of authors are selected taking into account the achievements of the staff in the field of subject of discipline. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp. 79.

3.2 Proofread version of the textbooks ready for publishing. Small deviation in publishing period. The list of the textbooks is given in the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002, Pp. 176 – 177.


3.3 Textbooks (13 items in a list of publisehed books), distributive electronic versions on CDs. Presentation of the published books in Zaporizhya National University in time of the Summer School and Zhytomyr State Technological University in the time of the Final conference on the project.

4.1 Equipment installed and put into action. The starting up checking of the base unit in ZSTU has been provided. The equipment is installed and checked.

4.3 Electronic library is installed in ZSTU and available to partners upon request. The requirements of the authors' law makes it unavailable for simultaneous use by different institutions.

4.4 Information about applied business games is given to the partner University partners. The strategy and scenario of business games are developed and tested at Summer School in Donetsk, will be tested for the second time at Summer School in Zaporizhya. Case studies are developed and tested. Development of electronic versions of business games appeared to be rather complicated and will be a topic of the new project devoted to only development of Business games.

5.1 The list of the selected applicants. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 Pp. 180-181.

5.2 Progress reports of the students, feedback forms. Enrolled students had lectures and practical works according to developed curriculum and syllabi. They performed all the study plan and ready for the master thesis defense. Examples of the forms.

5.3 Information about the work of virtual club is published at the web-site of the project. Virtual club functions on the basis of inter-consortium correspondence via e-mails, ICQ chat, which enables students to active communication. Chat-conference held regularly helped students to write thesis, solved a lot of problems appearing underway to Master thesis defense.


5.4 Progress report of the students, specimen.


5.5 Master thesis of the students, certificates are given. Specimen of the certificate.

6.1 Publication of the web-site was planned by December 2003 at the web-site of Zhytomyr State Technological University

Web-site of the project:

Partner Universities web-sites:

6.2 Publication of the curriculum and syllabi on the web-site of the project. Publication in the correspondent journals and periodicals, in the brochure of the National presentation held in June 21-24, 2004.

6.3 Publication on the web-sites, e-mail correspondence, leaflets. Each project even was followed up with producing of giving outs like leaflets, newsletters etc. The information was duplicated at the web-site of the project.

6.4 Newspaper “Zhytomyrschyna”, “Osvita”, Proceedings of the Conference on Information Technologies; Leaflets of the Universities; speech over the local Zaporizhya radio

6.4 Publication in the Poland newspaper “Konkrety” #6, 1649. the 9 th of February 2005.

6.4 Publication in the Poland newspaper “Konkrety” #14, 1708. the 5 th of April 2006.

6.5 Materials of the Conference

6.6 Publication on the web-sites of the Ukrainian and Poland partner universities. At the web-site of the project there are given materials of the courses available for download

7.1 Orders on creation of the internal institutional evaluation panels. Indicators of the progress given in the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002. Pp. 188-189.

7.2 Report of the Cross-University control. Stored in the partner Universities. Indicators of the progress are given in the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002. P. 189.

7.3 Recommendations to students from advisors. See the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002 P. 190

7.4 Reports from Exterior Advisory Group to coordinator and contractor. Stored in partner Universities. Indicators are given in the Materials on CD_JEP 23250-2002. P. 190.

8.1 Workplan of mobility, created management group, control and monitoring scheme

8.2 Report of the coordination meeting, national presentation report.

8.3 Report of the coordination meeting . Summing up the first project year

8.4 Report of the coordination meeting . Setting up the Students' mobility scheme

8.5 Report of the coordination meeting. Summing up the second project year.

8.5.1 Report on the additional coordination meeting. Analysis of the feedback on the project action. Students' assessment forms analysis

8.6 Report of the coordination meeting . combined with the final conference in Zhytomyr was devoted to supping up the activities of the last period.

8.7 Preparing of the final report